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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

chromosome results came in...why don't I feel better?

So, our chromosome results came in. For those who don't know, my doctor failed to submit any tissue for genetic testing. I didn't know until my 2 week follow up appt. and just assumed it would be done since I discussed it with him before surgery. Anyway, his words: "You don't need to know that anyway." Well, of course I need to know that information, especially since all my doctors kept saying there was something wrong with her. So, after talking to the pathologist at the hospital, he agreed to do an aneuploidy screen, which involves counting the chromosomes to make sure the number was normal. Because the tissue wasn't submitted by my doctor correctly, he was not able to do a full study, but he said he could at least tell if there was an extra one.
I got the report 2 days ago...she was genetically normal. This should make me happy and it does in some way. But, now I know the problem was me. I am so sad about that. I am even sadder that no one gave me any progesterone or tried to find out if I had any clotting problems that could be treated.
It has been 4 weeks since we lost Elizabeth and it still hurts very much. I would do anything to have her back.

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